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Projects in School  - Managed by Students


“ Life depends on water, the reservoir of water depends on YOU.”

With this thought in mind we started the “Save Water Campaign” in our school.  Water Warriors’ were needed. Students volunteered for this task. They gave suggestions for saving water in school and at home.

 These students are regularly guided by Principal ma’am, Co-ordinators and their HRTs.

Some initiatives taken up are

Overhead tanks have been installed on every RO to store the waste RO water and this water is being used for all cleaning purposes.

Every student is asked to bring a water bottle from home. When the water finishes, they can refill it. No one is allowed to drink water directly from the tap. Every drop matters!

One litre filled bottles have been placed inside the cistern. This is helping us to save one litre of water every time on flushing.

For video Click here

Every tap has a shower type fitting which when in use spreads the water to a larger area and reduces the flow of the water.

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The School building is equipped for Rainwater Harvesting

Posters have been put up in all the washrooms and at all water points for reminding students of the good cause they stand for. To keep the students motivated, it has been announced by the School Head that washrooms that remain dry will be awarded stars.



An eye opener message from Principal Ma’am-

Through this page I wish to share a memorable discussion that I had with four students of class VI B in my office. So were the names of the students..... Ansh Gupta, Amisha Pujari, Ananya Singh and Anushka Singh. All from class VI. Ananya had an incident to narrate which had impacted her and she shared it with her friends who also got impacted and thought of sharing it with me.

The incident was that she noticed that a girl had thrown some food in the garbage

bin and a street side girl picked the thrown food from the garbage bin and gave it to her sibling. What touched Ananya was that the girl was of her age. She was hungry too but shared food with the younger one. With tears in her eyes she looked at me and requested that the school should contribute towards it. She and her friends requested the school to collect money for the poor and hungry children. A onetime donation would not solve the problem, I said and from there came the idea of each child getting one ‘stuffed paratha’ everyday besides the tiffin they carry.

Distributing the paratha to the needy can be done by the school admin staff. The deal closed on a commitment that each class will be allotted a day in a week and everyday some food can go to the hungry children. Our small effort will fill stomachs of many hungry children.

Since then there has been no looking back. On a daily basis children of each class have been bringing one stuffed paratha besides their daily tiffin. Many have even brought more than one, to be shared with the needy children.

“Food tastes better when you share it with someone” this has been very rightly said by someone.

Today we have four students feeling the pain of the hungry children, tomorrow we will have a nation that will believe in eradicating poverty.




Separating, reducing, reusing, recycling and composting are good options for managing school waste. As an initiative we in school have been able to get rid of school waste with the least negative effects on the environment.

A few students of the school “The Waste Managers” have been given the responsibility to take care of the waste by training their peers and the helping hands of school (Staff) in proper usage of the bins and segregation of the waste.

Separate waste : Separating waste is the first step in managing our school’s rubbish. We have set up bins in each class for the different kinds of waste, and our “Waste Managers” of each class make sure that the right bins are used by their classmates. We have clearly labelled bins for Aluminium Foil, paper, plastic, and for organic waste.

Reduce waste: We have started avoiding sending waste to a landfill. For all events in school we have crockery so no disposable plates are thrown in garbage. For water we use paper glasses and insist that teachers carry bottles so that minimum glasses are used. School purchase officer is asked to carry bags and not bring paper or plastic bags to school. The waste managers have started educating housekeeping staff about disposing of waste. The school has reduced the usage of paper by using smart boards, projectors, whiteboards, and blackboards in place of handouts.

Reuse waste: Paper is re-used by printing on the blank side. The Printing is done double-sided. Cartons are used as bins, many craft items are worked out by the art team. Aluminum foil is reused for making jewelry and wrapping. 

Recycle waste: Organic waste collected is used to make the compost and is used on the school gardens, saving on the cost of fertiliser and other chemicals. Every bit of paper is sent to the paper recycle unit.