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''Co-curricular activities are Programs and learning Experiences that complement what students are learning in School. Experiences that are connected to mirror the Academic  curriculum.

Activities help learners explore ones abilities, develops the Strengths and eradicate the shortcomings through informal  Guidance. Observation and self assessment.

At Bharat Ram Global School we believe in the overall Development of a child, for a holistic growth the classroom Teaching is supplemented with co-curricular activities.These activities focus upon cognitive aspects which help in Intellectual development, competitiveness, excellence,Quality achievements and creativeness.

Clubs like:-

English club- work on improving debating, recitation, speaking & writing skills. Personality development-works on improving overall presentation of the student with due focus on voice modulation

Eco club- works on improving observation skills in students. Encourages them to find answers to their questions And keeps them curious to explore.

Cultural club-works on letting students enjoy various dances  Forms, music & art and thus explore the

hidden potentials in each of them. Students are provided a platform to challenge their mates In various activities like singing, dancing, calligraphy Recitation, debate, eloution quizzing, project presentation, painting of sports. The school comes up with its annual sports day & annual function every year.