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“Children are likely_ to live upto what you believe of them”
There is no better time in a child’s life than their childhood. The children are the future of this world and our most valuable resource . It becomes our responsibility to nurture their curiosity, ignite their minds and guide them to master the magic of science and technology. With the world turning into a global village, we are not just competing with the rest of the world but also battling nature’s fury. We need to build in our students respect for the environment and love for mother earth. We at BRGS strive to groom our children to become confident, resilient, and sensitive towards all creatures of this planet and learn to live in harmony with nature.

- Divya Srivastava


  Senior Secondary School Coordinator…..

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”……..Abraham Lincoln

We stand poised on the threshold of a new era, an era of renaissance, an era of change in the dynamics of education.

In the light of the same, BRGS has adjusted the sails to face the sweeping winds of change.  While the cognitive aspect is given prime attention in the school, the emotional and behavioural compatibility is not ignored. The aim is to equip the students to emerge as holistic human being who continue to grow in knowledge, curiosity, courage, creativity,confidence, competence with sense of fulfillment and understanding.

The task of building a responsible citizen finds support in our school, where our young students are educated in a new perspective, so that they can bring about a change in the dynamics of human relation in the world outside.

It is the prime duty of our school to promote strong positive character traits and foster creativity and innovative thinking among students to teach not to be afraid of failure but strive hand to achieve success for excellence, adapt the broader outlook and above all to be disciplined.

I hope and pray that the students of our school will scale great height, bring a new aura of sobriety and keep the BRGS flag high. May God intercede for all who enter the school company.

- Meenakshi Kumar


  Secondary School Coordinator…..

‘Children are like clay in a potter’s hands’

Dear Parents/Guardians, 
There are some points that I feel deeply about and would like to share it with you all.
I have chosen to devote the better part of my life in educating your child. I take this endeavour very seriously and why not! It is my responsibility being a stakeholder in your child’s future.

But the responsibility does not lie on my shoulders alone. As a parent you play the most prominent role in your child's life and you need to take it seriously.  You have spent countless hours modeling empathy and kindness, teaching right from wrong, helping your child learn how to navigate through an increasingly complicated world and spending time to understand who your child is . You do this in order to help and guide your child down the right path to who he/she will become in the future.  Think about it!

 I spend countless hours with your child presenting new material, creating on-going formative assessments that are authentic and based on your child's individual needs, and many more enriching activities in my classroom on a daily basis. 

My questions to all of you is that how much time are you spending with your child as a parent and a guardian?
What kind of problems is your child facing?
What is going on in his education system ?
When did you last speak to your child about his friends?
How well do you know about your child's private life? 
In which area is your child an expert? 
What are his likes and dislikes? 
And many more such questions………………….
So please take a moment to  ponder and reflect on these questions ! Talk to teachers and administrators about what is happening in your child’s school, encourage and motivate the teachers who are always there to support and guide your child.

We cannot clap with one hand!  We both need to work together to ensure that your child grows up to be a good citizen.

- Janaki Pothiraj


 Middle School Coordinator…..

Education at BRGS provides a foundation for a lifetime of learning and is great fun too.

Learning is based on the fundamental principles of life; teaching the children to be courageous, confident, disciplined, responsible and loyal. Today the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to empower its students to be lifelong learners. We try to provide the best possible environment for healthy development of young children by providing a carefully planned and structured environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way.

In the words of Albert Einstein“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all that we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”

- Meenakshi Singh