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Unleashing the Power of Knowledge

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." – Margaret Fuller

All educators know that library plays a vital role in students’ schooling. It serves as a central hub for learning and gathering information while providing resources to help students achieve academic success.

Our library is not just a room filled with books; it's a treasure trove of knowledge, a place where imagination soars, and where students embark on exciting journeys through the written word. Here is a glimpse into the wonderland that awaits our students within the walls of our school library.

Our school library is more than just a space to check out books (more than 8000)to cater to the needs of all age groups; it's a place where students can explore, discover, and broaden their horizons. The library is designed to foster a love for reading, critical thinking, and research skills that will serve our students throughout their lives. Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, reference materials, or digital resources, our library has it all.

Our librarian is always ready to help students find the right book, navigate research projects, and develop information literacy skills that are crucial in the information age. Our school library is a hub of intellectual curiosity, an oasis of imagination, and a gateway to countless possibilities.

Choose a book and bury yourself in it — you will not know how time will fly.

Every school has a laboratory . The importance of laboratories in the schools can be derived from the real learning experience of several topics. In academic school labs, students are active learners, not just passive recipients of knowledge.Therefore, the laboratory plays an important role in experiencing new things for the students with the available resources. The real experience in the laboratory gives students experience which helps students to learn things in a better way and also helps in remembering for a long time.The combination of both laboratory and classroom makes school labs unique from others.

The Bharat Ram Global School is equipped with three science labs: Physics lab, Chemistry lab ,Biology lab. It is impossible to think of education in the absence of Computers.The school has two Computer labs- Senior Computer lab and Junior  Computer lab.The labs are equipped with all safety gadgets,apparatus and instruments needed for a student to work safely.The labs meet the standards set by the CBSE.

Physics lab:The lab is spacious and an amalgamation of science and state of the art to give students a conducive learning environment.

Chemistry lab:The lab meets the standards set for students to conduct experiment.All safety measures are adhered to for providing protected space to students to conduct experiments.

Biology lab:The biology lab at the Bharat Ram Global School is equipped with modern furniture designed for bio lab.The  workbenches with sink, water faucet, and reagent racks all placed in the student friendly manner most suitable for conducting experiments.

Computer lab:The two computer labs at Bharat Ram Global School reflect a state of the art culture.The computer labs are designed with a special concern for students' age group.For The very same reason, the Bharat Ram Global School has separate computer labs for juniors and seniors.