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  • The school makes transport arrangements for the children through its own fleet and contracted buses. Unauthorized travelling in the buses is viewed as a serious offence and can lead to a fine of upto Rs.500 per occurrence.
  • Parents are expected to cooperate with the school by ensuring that their children travelling in the buses report at their embarking points well on time, carry their identity card with them all the time and behave in a disciplined way, in the interest of their own safety as well as that of the other users.
  • The bus drivers are authorized to stop the buses only at the designated stops. The bus will not wait for late comers.
  • In case of any problem or any mishap, the parents are advised to avoid any altercation with drivers and conductors.They should immediately contact the school authorities on the phone numbers given on the bus, or the phone numbers given in the Almanac.
  • The school will ensure appropriate action in such circumstances. For information related to their ward and the academic process, timing or working days, they should contact the school directly. In case there is a genuine grievance, it should be submitted in writing to the School Transport Manager, for appropriate action.
  • The school transport and bus stops will be decided by the School Transport Manager in consultation with the Principal. Please remember that it is not possible to cater to individual requirements at the cost of time and distance.
  • In case of change of residence, written application along with a proof of residence must be submitted in advance, at least 07 days before the bus stop or route of a student can be changed. A calendar month’s notice must be given in writing before withdrawing a pupil from school transport facility however students who have availed transport facility in second & third quarter will not be allowed to discontinue in the last quarter.
  • The transport fee may be increased in the middle of the session in case of an increase in fuel prices or any other direct costs to run the transport system.
  • The school may withdraw transport service from a locality at any time for any reason that may prohibit the school transport from reaching to or travelling through an area. This is to ensure students' safety and punctuality.

Students availing the school transport services are expected to:

  • Behave in a courteous manner. Be seated when the bus is in motion. All safety rules should be strictly adhered to.
  • Unruly behaviour, tearing of seat covers, breaking window panes or related offences will result in heavy penalty and withdrawal of bus facility.
  • Should not throw any trash/food inside or outside the bus.
  • Follow the instruction of the bus attendant. He/she has the authority to report any offence to the Principal immediately.
  • Parents those who have 'self' transport arrangements should ensure that their wards report to school before the morning assembly begins and pick up the child only after the school hours are over. No cars or any other mode of transport will be permitted to be parked in front of the school/during school hours.
  • Parents using Private transport need to ensure their pick up vans reach the school at least 10 minutes before the dispersal starts.

The school runs two sets of routes for Junior & Senior Students.


  • Withdrawal from utilizing the bus facility will require an application with one month’s notice.
  • For any assistance/ clarification related to transport system, kindly contact Mr. Jagat Khari-Mobile: 9871640068,7838849303

In case a student/parent is late and the child misses the bus, the parents will need to have the child dropped to school.